Signal-9, Capitol Tech’s Cyber Battle Team, Places in Cyber Competitions

May 2, 2024

Signal-9, Capitol Tech’s cyber battle team, has been on the road and making waves, participating in several exciting competitions this year! In January, the team participated in the virtual qualifiers for Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (MACCDC). MACCDC features competition themes and scenarios that imitate the real world and add a dimension of realism and fun to cyber competitions, while highlighting real life situations like free and secure elections, natural disasters, global pandemics, and more. 

In February, Signal-9 competed at Cyber Forge 2024 at Tidewater Community College in Virginia Beach, VA. Two teams were sent who successfully placed 7th and 8th out of 21! Team members included: Darius Nalley-Stoddard, Aidan Fitzgerald, Ian Davis, Jalen Wright, Ashya Cox, Destiny Meija, and Jaylin Morgan. The event featured several activities, such as a Metasploit workshop, where they explored the inner workings of one of the most powerful penetration testing tools in the cybersecurity tool-kit. 

In addition to the workshop, Signal-9 engaged in intensive practice sessions of Capture The Flag (CTF) with MetaCTF, where they put their newly acquired knowledge and expertise to the test. These sessions served as crucial training rounds, allowing the team to fine-tune their strategies and tactics in a simulated cybersecurity environment. They also participated in networking sessions with prominent companies, colleges, and organizations in the area, including Cybersecurity & Vulnerability Assessment (CVSA). These interactions not only allowed for valuable exchanges of ideas and best practices but also laid the groundwork for potential future collaborations and partnerships. The experience overall was one of learning, competition, and networking, offering a great environment to put the team’s cybersecurity skills to work. 

In March, the Signal-9 team showcased their expertise and resilience at the 3-day Information Security Talent Search (ISTS) cyber attack-and-defend competition hosted at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in New York by RITSEC’s student-run computer security club. Team members included Aidan Fitzgerald, Darius Nalley-Stoddard, Ian Davis, Logan Brewer, and Kyle Goulet, and the theme this year was Western, with several students sporting cowboy hats. Despite the stiff competition from 16 other teams, Signal-9 secured 6th place! The event marked a significant milestone for the team. Not only did they gain valuable experience, but also the chance to network with organizers, teams, and coaches, gathering insights to enhance their performance in future competitions and information to hold similar events at Capitol.  

The Signal-9 team has their sights set on two more competitions before the end of the semester and they are looking to continue their impressive journey in the cybersecurity competition space. 

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