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High Graduation Rates

MICUA has the highest graduation rates in the State. MICUA undergraduates are much more likely to graduate in a timely manner than students at public universities, effectively controlling college costs and contributing to State revenues. High graduation rates mean success for students and the State.

Six Year Graduation Rates at Four-Year Colleges

Six Year Graduation Rates Graph

Source: IPEDS graduation rate survey, 2006 entry cohort; analysis by MICUA

Students who take longer than four years to graduate not only pay more in tuition, but often lose financial aid and are forced to delay entering graduate school or the workforce.

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the average salary offer to a 2014 bachelor’s degree graduate was $48,707. When students take more than four years to graduate, they forgo these annual earnings.

One year’s lost income = $48,707

Two years’ lost income = $97,414