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MICUA’s 15 private, nonprofit colleges and universities serve 63,000 students annually and award 27% of all degrees conferred by a Maryland four-year institution.

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A conversation with Sunil Kumar, Johns Hopkins University's 15th provost
Talk to Sunil Kumar for any length of time and you quickly notice two things: He has a big and easy laugh, and he's a thoughtful listener.

MICA Alumna: The jewelry and sculptures about racism and sexism that earned Joyce J. Scott a MacArthur “genius” award
A beaded necklace is an unlikely place to find a narrative about race, history, and slavery, says Lowery Sims, curator emerita at the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) in New York. But that surprise factor is part of the allure of Joyce J. Scott’s art. “Technically it’s breathtaking, it’s intimate, it’s intricate—but it’s also a very powerful statement about the world and some of the issues we face as human beings,” Sims says.

McDaniel professor leads national Reacting to the Past Consortium
It’s one thing to read about Socrates, Julius Caesar and Van Gogh, but imagine taking part in the Greek philosopher’s infamous trial for treason, standing among angry senators in the Forum of ancient Rome or defending your radical new art style in late 19th-century Parisian salons. That’s just what Reacting to the Past is — students researching and re-enacting moments in time.


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