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Sticker Price Vs. Out of Pocket Costs

While the overall tuition, or “sticker price,” of an independent college or university is often higher than that of a state college or university, private colleges work hard to meet the financial needs of their admitted students, often resulting in lower “out of pocket” expenses for many families. Ninety percent of full-time undergraduate students at MICUA colleges and universities receive one or more types of financial aid to make their enrollments possible.

Combining State and federal scholarship programs, low-interest loans, private scholarships, and on-campus employment gives most needy students the resources they need to enroll at their top choice institution. Attending a Maryland independent college or university is possible for students from all economic circumstances. Students should always contact the financial aid offices of institutions they are considering and learn more about financial aid options before ruling out any colleges based on tuition costs.

MICUA colleges and universities awarded more than $640 million to undergraduate and graduate students in institutional grants and scholarships during fiscal 2017, with the majority of that aid distributed based on need. These institutions provide more than three times as much need-based grant aid to undergraduates as the State of Maryland and federal governments combined.


Sources of Need-Based Grant Aid for Undergraduates at MICUA State-Aided Institutions Graph







Source: Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) S-5 Report, Fiscal 2017