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Creating an Educated Workforce

Sellinger funds contribute to a vibrant, knowledge-based economy in Maryland. The MICUA institutions receiving State assistance are extraordinarily efficient in terms of leveraging that assistance and producing graduates. The ability of these institutions to efficiently produce degree-holders from specialized undergraduate and graduate programs lies at the heart of Maryland’s prosperity.

Last year, MICUA colleges and universities awarded 15,000 degrees. Many of these graduates majored in subjects important to the future of the State’s economy, including medical sciences, teaching, engineering, computing, accounting, finance, hotel management, mathematics, business management, and logistics. Last year, MICUA institutions produced:

  • 32% of new teacher candidates;
  • 39% of all degrees in nursing bachelor's degrees and above; and
  • 26% of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees conferred by a Maryland four-year institution.