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Increasing College Access

Thanks to help from the Sellinger Program, Maryland colleges and universities are able to provide 10,785 grants to Maryland students every year. In fiscal 2018, MICUA institutions dedicated 91% of Sellinger funds in the form of financial aid to Maryland residents, with the majority of that aid distributed to students based on need.

Allocations to financial aid represent the largest—but by no means the only—initiative made possible through this vital State program. Sellinger funds contribute to Maryland goals for higher education, by responding to workforce shortages and bringing academic programs to underserved areas of the State. In addition, Sellinger funds are used to:

  • Increase enrollment of minority students in engineering and science programs;
  • Support community outreach and college preparation programs;
  • Provide financial aid to students who are underrepresented in higher education; and
  • Recruit diverse faculty and administrators.