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Consortium Activities

• Coalition for College Cost Savings

MICUA continues its strong relationship with the CCoalition for College Cost Savingsoalition for College Cost Savings. The CCCS consists of 32 member organizations in 30 states that collectively serve more than 894 private colleges and over three million students across the United States. The President of MICUA serves on the CCCS Board of Directors and the Program Development Committee.

The CCCS currently offers 12 programs representing over 100 contracts. To date, all MICUA institutions, with one exception, use one or more of the contracts provided through CCCS. In 2016, MICUA institutions spent $8,745,837 on CCCS contracts. To learn more click here.

• Comcast

Xfinity onf Campus

MICUA continued its consortium arrangement with Comcast to provide students living on campus with streaming video and on demand services to laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The consortium is structured in a way to benefit all MICUA members. Each time an additional member utilizes the consortium, the price for existing users is reduced. To date at least four MICUA members participate in the consortium.  



MICUA and CBIZ established an informal consortium for the purpose of offering core fiduciary services and certain optional services to MICUA member institutions based on specified terms and fees. The core services provision includes CBIZ Retirement Services signing as a 3(21) Co-Fiduciary, hosting an annual meeting, and providing MICUA participant members with an aggregated investment monitoring report on a quarterly basis. The report includes formal documentation of investments on CBIZ’s watch-list with recommendations and pertinent investment monitoring. Six MICUA members have joined the consortium to date and others may join in the future.

Optional services provided to members may include:

  • School Specific 3(21) or 3(38) Fiduciary Reporting
  • Participant Education Services
  • Operational Compliance Services
  • Form 5500/Non-Discrimination Testing
  • Conversion Services/Open Architecture
  • Retiree Medical Plan Consulting
  • Defined Benefit Plan Consulting and Actuarial

• MICUA Library Directors Round Table

The MICUA Library Directors Round Table provides a forum where academic library directors can share ideas and concerns and discuss issues and trends that impact the administration and delivery of library services. Founded in 1976, the Round Table encourages and seeks to facilitate cooperative ventures through joint purchasing, reciprocal borrowing, staff training, joint collection development and planning, and other activities. The Round Table seeks to foster collegiality among its members as well as with other State and regional library organizations. To learn more click here.