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Washington Adventist University Enters into Agreement with Capitol Technology University

Washington Adventist University

May 6, 2022


In the interest of expanding 21st century career relevant learning opportunities to our students—we are pleased to announce that Washington Adventist University (WAU) and Capitol Technology University (Capitol Tech) have now signed a memorandum of understanding. This agreement formally documents their shared intent of academic cooperation through the development of learning opportunities that build on their respective institutional strengths. Envisioned by President Weymouth Spence (WAU) and President Bradford Sims (Capitol Tech) through this collaboration, are distinctive competencies for our students in disciplines such as computer science, data science, health care administration, cyber psychology, cyber analytics, business analytics and accelerated degree completion options which include masters and doctoral degrees.

“Capitol Tech is honored to form this new partnership with the Washington Adventist University. The shared goals of both Capitol Tech and WAU will be furthered through the exchange of ideas, faculty and staff, and resources made possible through this agreement,” said President Sims. “We look forward to receiving and sharing new information to strengthen both universities educational offerings.” Sims continued.

“This partnership with Capitol University aligns with Vision 2030: Distinctive in Student Success to establish academic connections for degree and career completions. It is anticipated that this partnership will give our students career pathway options that were not available to them before. I am looking forward to rolling out these options within the next 6 months.” said President Spence.

“WAU is focused on and contributing to society through professional careers such as nursing and the liberal arts. Capitol is focused on high demand STEM careers impacting the nation in a different way. This agreement paves the way for us to benefit our students by offering them more options, at each institution, to include healthcare administration and analytics, cybersecurity, data science, and cyber psychology to name a few.” noted Dr. William Butler, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Capitol Tech.