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Hood College pioneering the field of sustainability studies

Yahoo! News

May 17, 2021


Last fall, Hood College became the first higher education institution in Maryland to offer a degree in sustainability studies.

Now, students at the Frederick college are able to major in the field through a fully developed program.

Drew Ferrier, director of sustainable studies at Hood, said the college has offered similar academic classes in the field of environmental science for years, but the faculty eventually evolved to feel there needed to be an even greater focus on sustainability.

The new program is different than typical environmental science, Ferrier said.

"Sustainability focuses first on human well-being, and everything emanates from that, so basically we ask the question, 'How can we live in a society and in an environment that promotes human well-being, not only for people that are here right now but for generations to come?'" Ferrier said.

Sustainability is all about longevity and creating solutions to problems that have plagued the planet and humans for years, but the solutions take a long-term approach rather than a quick fix.