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Hood College president remains busy despite campus closure

The Frederick News Post

April 6, 2020


Andrea Chapdelaine, president of Hood College, has only gotten busier since the school decided to make the rest of its semester virtual on March 10.

Chapdelaine is used to interacting with students on a daily basis and having meetings. But with only 10 students on campus, she has traded those daily events for Zoom calls with her staff, her students and her faculty.

She begins every morning with a Zoom meeting with her emergency response team, addressing any new issues that have come up and figuring out the best ways for Hood to approach the rest of the semester and the summer.

“So my calendar looked like it would get pretty open, but in fact, it’s been filled with these other meetings, which is okay,” Chapdelaine said. “I want to stay busy, I want to do what I can to try to keep us moving forward.”

In addition to maintaining the college itself, Hood has been supporting Frederick Health Hospital by giving space in dorms to staff members, daycare services and donating personal protective equipment.

“So I’m not just thinking about what I need to do to take care of my community, but Frederick as a whole,” she said.