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There’s No Place like Brussels for a McDaniel College Political Science Major Studying French

McDaniel College

September 9, 2019


Brussels is a long way from Slidell, Louisiana — in more than miles. In fact, the Belgian city known as the capital of Europe and headquarters of NATO and the European Union has little in common with the rural town in St. Tammany Parish across Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans.

Except, that is, that McDaniel senior Connor Norton has lived and studied in both. What began as an adventure and way to fulfill credits and requirements toward his degree evolved into an experience that would forever change the Honors Political Science and Computer Science major’s life.

Norton quickly formed close friendships with eight other students, literally from all over Europe, also studying at Université Saint-Louis. They cooked meals together, went to bars and clubs together, even travelled around Europe together. Ultimately, they developed a strong bond by learning about each other and their varied cultures.

“As a kid who grew up in rural Louisiana, this really expanded my view of the world and gave me perspective,” Norton says. “It’s connections with people around the world like this that will create lasting peace and prosperity in the world.

“And Brussels’s location in the center of Europe makes it a hub for students all around Europe, maximizing the opportunity to make these connections.”