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Hopkins Makes More Neighborhoods Eligible for Homebuying Assistance

The Daily Record

September 5, 2019


Johns Hopkins University and Medicine will expand the number of neighborhoods participating in its Live Near Your Work program, creating a contiguous area stretching from the university’s Homewood campus in the west to the Bayview medical campus in southeast Baltimore.

Investment in homeownership in Baltimore is one of the best ways for Johns Hopkins to invest in the city, said Ronald Daniels, the university’s president.

“We see this program as one of the foundations of our commitment to the city of Baltimore and see that the capacity that we have to use these incentives to support our employees developing deep roots, planting deep roots in the city through homeownership is just a very effective way for us to add strength and vitality to the neighborhoods that are around our campuses,” he said.

Johns Hopkins is one of more than 100 employers in Baltimore to participate in the city’s Live Near Your Work program, where employers and the city combine to offer grants to employees who purchase homes in neighborhoods near where they work.

Typical grant amounts are between $2,000 and $5,000. Johns Hopkins offers grants starting at $5,000 and up to $17,000 in some neighborhoods, and the University of Maryland, Baltimore, offers grants up to $18,500.

The program had already included areas surrounding Johns Hopkins’ main campuses in Baltimore, but the addition of seven neighborhoods creates a contiguous area eligible for homebuying grants.