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Students become the experts during crime scene investigation challenge (Mount St. Mary's University)

Local DMV

March 25, 2018


On the campus of Mount St. Mary’s University, about 100 students were the experts on a crime scene.

"Everybody likes the mystery part of it and this gets you really down and dirty on it," explained professor of Criminology at Mount St. Mary’s University, Joe Vince.

The university hosted the Robert Fram CSI Challenge where students from nearby institutions like Montgomery College and Towson University, and even those from abroad in Canada, gathered in teams of three to test their investigation skills to solve a real-life murder case.

"[The crime scene is based off] an actual case that occurred in Arlington in which a jilted ex-lover broke into the house and killed the fiancée," explained Sgt. Andrew Alcorn with the Frederick Police Department.

"We had to gather evidence from the witnesses to see what they heard and go back to the room. There was a big footprint that we used, it looked like from breaking in the window, fingerprints from a bottle, and a lot of jewelry that the victim had," explained sophomore student at the university, Tyler Howard.