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Johns Hopkins University commits $1.5M to programs that support PhD students

The Hub

March 8, 2019


Johns Hopkins University today announced it will expand support for its PhD students and programs, committing $1.5 million to a series of initiatives that include investments in mentoring, professional development, and data that can help students identify career paths and networking opportunities.

In a message sent to PhD students and full-time faculty, JHU President Ronald J. Daniels and Provost Sunil Kumar detailed these new investments and also described how they build upon other recent efforts to boost the quality of doctoral education at the university and strengthen support for doctoral students.

The university has begun in recent years to address changes in the post-graduate employment opportunities available to PhD students—a shift away from academic jobs toward a wide variety of careers that rely on the expertise and competencies gained during PhD training.

The university has also expanded support for PhD students with new options for dental and vision coverage, lower deductibles for health care, improved mental health coverage, and expanded childcare benefits for new parents.

"Johns Hopkins is proud of our seminal role in developing PhD education in the United States, and proud of the extraordinary students whose intellectual contributions have impacted our schools, and who deepen and enhance our PhD programs today," Daniels and Kumar wrote.