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New students feel 'sense of community' at McDaniel move-in day

Carroll County Times

August 24, 2016

People wearing yellow shirts with "MOVE IN CREW" printed across the back buzzed around campus Wednesday, hauling boxes, bags and bedspreads.

Incoming freshmen, with a mix of excitement and nerves clear across their faces, helped direct the flow of items. Students picked up their keys, and a seemingly never-ending line of cars littered the campus.

It was another move-in day at McDaniel College.

The college, which is set to start classes Monday, Aug. 29, continued its tradition of a warm welcome with a mass of volunteers spending the morning helping the new students move into their dorms.

Everyone from ROTC students to McDaniel President Roger Casey came out to lend a hand Wednesday in an event that has become something of a well-oiled machine.

"Every year it gets smoother and smoother," Casey said.

It was a breeze for freshman Ravi Patel.

"It made the whole process easier," he said, of all of the help he got.