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New Internship Program Comes to Kent County

MD Biz News

August 16, 2016


Washington College and Kent County have teamed up to create “Innovation Internships” for college students. The program offers interns the opportunity to expand their professional experience while giving businesses owners the chance to engage and develop the future workforce. With 1,500 undergraduates each year, there is an entire group of future workers available to these businesses that can gain fresh perspectives from interns.

Cultivating professional relationships between college students and local businesses is critical in rural areas like Kent County, where there is a concern about the migration of youth after graduating college.

“We want to help younger generations make roots in Kent County,” said Jamie Williams of Kent County Economic Development. “One of the major objectives is to connect these students with the local communities.”

The faculty and career center at Washington College handles the application and pairing process for its students. After a business submits the type of project and internship it has available, the career center works to connect students who have expressed interest in a similar type of opportunity.