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Notre Dame of Maryland University joins consortium with the University System of Maryland, the first private academic library to join its ranks

Notre Dame of Maryland Univeristy

June 9, 2016

Notre Dame of Maryland University (NDMU) announced today that the Loyola Notre Dame Library (LNDL) will now serve as an Affiliate Member of the University of Maryland System and Affiliated Institutions (USMAI) Library Consortium. LNDL becomes the first private academic library in the state invited to join USMAI.

The USMAI Consortium includes 16 member libraries at the public universities and colleges in the State of Maryland. LNDL, as a new Affiliate Member, and its users will gain access to each library, and the more than 9 million resources they collectively house. Currently, students, faculty, and staff at NDMU and Loyola University have access to just over 400,000 resources.

“The inter-library loan program will not only bring efficiency to our collective work of education but will be another building block on top of the many successful and growing partnerships between the institutions of higher education across Maryland,” said NDMU President, Marylou Yam.
This will be a collaborative and innovative partnership allowing LNDL librarians to work with the consortium to focus on content acquisition, digitization projects, resource sharing, and selection of future library systems. Being a part of the consortium will allow the libraries to devote more resources to meet each institution’s unique needs.

“As the newest member of the library consortium, the Loyola Notre Dame Library will help strengthen the sustainability of existing USMAI collaborations and increase the consortium’s capability for more cooperative activities,” said University System of Maryland (USM) Chancellor Robert L. Caret.

Faculty, students, and staff will have walk-in privileges at all USMAI libraries. USMAI membership privileges will go into effect on July 1.