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Hopkins announces $25M plan to boost faculty diversity

The Daily Record
December 2, 2015

As students at universities nationwide protest racism and a lack of minority representation on their campuses, the Johns Hopkins University is launching a $25 million effort to increase the diversity of its faculty.

The initiative will establish new procedures for faculty recruitment so a more diverse pool of applicants is considered and will provide money to support visiting faculty members, according to the university.

While the announcement comes a few weeks after more than 100 Hopkins students, led by the campus’s Black Student Union, demanded the hiring of more black faculty members, university officials say the new Faculty Diversity Initiative has been in the works for the past year.

The local protests follow demonstrations at the University of Missouri over a perceived indifference to racist incidents, leading to the resignation of the president. Students at Ithaca College in New York have demanded the resignation of that college’s president, and days of protests at Yale University led that university to offer a plan to make the campus more inclusive.