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A black pioneer honors his white mentor

Baltimore Sun
October 17, 2015

When Victor McTeer left McDaniel College in 1969 — it was called Western Maryland College back then — he was not only glad to be done with the place, but bitter about his experience there. He was one of the first black students to attend the school, and only 16 years old in his freshman year. A graduate of Forest Park High School in Baltimore, McTeer had received a full scholarship to attend the college and play football; he been named to the Associated Press Little All-America team.

But he was glad to get out.

He'd gone from a predominantly black neighborhood in Northwest Baltimore to an all-white college in predominantly white Westminster, the seat of predominantly white and mostly rural Carroll County.

"Suffice it to say," McTeer said the other day, "when I went to Western Maryland, I was the first African-American anyone had seen in an educational institution without a mop and a broom. … I was the first African-American any of them had gone to school with."