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Not business as usual at Loyola’s Sellinger School

The Daily Record
July 28, 2015

After half a decade of decreasing MBA applications amid a financial crisis, graduate business schools across the country have steadied the ship in recent years, with the number of applications remaining relatively stable since 2012.

But to move beyond mere stability and build that number back up, business schools must adapt their curricula to the needs of the communities they serve, said Kathleen Getz, the new dean of Loyola University Maryland’s Sellinger School of Business and Management.

Coming to Maryland after a four-year stint as dean of Loyola University Chicago’s business school, Getz has only been at her new job since July 1. She’s spent her first month laying the groundwork for what she hopes will be a mutually beneficial relationship between the school and Baltimore City.

With universities fighting to attract talented students and increase enrollment, they will have to counter the long-term trend toward uniformity between schools. Getz said that the rush for accreditation has given current business education programs a “commodity aspect.”