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Collaboration focuses on neighborhoods and businesses along York Road

The Baltimore Sun
May 8, 2015

Cabe Avenue was once having a rough time with its neglected housing, but there is hope in the air this spring. Some 26 vacant properties along the street are being substantially renovated, thanks to the Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake. Its volunteers and the families coming to the homes are making a substantial difference.

McCabe's effort is part of a larger movement. It is an example of the collaboration focusing on a broad stretch of North Baltimore called the York Corridor Collective. Its component pieces represent a coalition of people and institutions all resolved to making a stronger place. Some may call it Govans, Woodbourne-McCabe, Radnor Winston or Belvedere Square. Look for Habitat's green and blue paint on its work. It's convincing.

... One of those players is Loyola University Maryland, which owns three commercial properties along York Road, including the former Sherwood Ford auto dealership.

"As the York Road Initiative started to take shape, we met with the stakeholders and a theme emerged that we should look at the corridor as a zipper, something that pulls sides together, rather than something that demarcates. The zipper concept has been a driving force," said Terrence Sawyer, Loyola vice president for administration.