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Leadership to Foster Diversity

OFFICES OF DIVERSITY and multicultural affairs demonstrate MICUA members’ commitment to enhancing cultural diversity. Many institutions have created councils, committees, and workgroups to complement this work alongside collaborative initiatives to foster inclusivity.

In 2016, Johns Hopkins University established a new Office of Diversity and Inclusion to supplement the existing diversity intitiatives led by the Office of Institutional Equity. In 2017, the University hired a Vice Provost and Chief Diversity Officer to enhance its diversity efforts. The Vice Provost is a member of the President’s leadership cabinet; co-chair of the Diversity Leadership Council; and steward of the Roadmap on Diversity and Inclusion, a strategic plan focused on faculty, students, staff, climate, culture, and community. The Knowledge Share Group, comprised of diversity officers and human resources practitioners across the University, was launched following the founding of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

Loyola University Maryland has adopted a multi-office approach to diversity, including ALANA Services, the Center for Community Service and Justice, Women’s Center, and the Counseling Center. The University also established several leadership positions, such as the Associate Director of Student Life for Inclusion and Community Development and

Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs and Diversity. In addition, the University established a President’s Council for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and plans to hire a senior leader to establish and implement a strategic plan around diversity.

McDaniel College’s Office of Student Diversity provides leadership and direction for the College’s diversity and inclusion efforts; offers underrepresented students academic and social guidance; supports and coordinates student groups that serve the needs of diverse student populations; and develops programs to promote diversity awareness and understanding within the campus community. The Office coordinates the Diversity Empowerment and Education Peers program, involving student leaders who raise awareness about diversity, promote inclusion, and empower their peers to be agents of social change. The Office also works with student leaders who coordinate the Edge Experience, a program that helps new students acclimate to McDaniel.

Mount St. Mary’s University’s Center for Student Diversity was established to further the University’s efforts in fostering inclusion, collaboration, and relationship-building across campus. The Center provides academic, social, and transitional support in addition to programming, leadership training, and inclusive workshops for all students while encouraging participants to share their diverse backgrounds. The Center supports cultural organizations, conducts diversity awareness programs, assesses the needs and climate of diverse groups, and advocates on behalf of underrepresented students. The Center also assists with the implementation of Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning workshops held monthly for the University’s 100+ faculty members.