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NDMU Student Travels to Paris to Study Medieval Latin Manuscripts

Notre Dame of Maryland University

March 11, 2019


Whether it is in the classroom, in the community or studying abroad, Notre Dame of Maryland University (NDMU) students get numerous opportunities for hands on learning.

Like many students, marketing communications major Michaila Sheedy ’21, is taking advantage of what NDMU has to offer. In addition to being a student athlete and working as a student ambassador, Sheedy recently took part in a study abroad trip to Paris exploring medieval Latin manuscripts.

Having a background in Latin, as well as working closely with foreign language professor, Sr. Therese Marie Dougherty, Sheedy was encouraged to apply to an immersive program offered by the Paideia Institute called Live Latin in Paris. As part of the program, students study medieval Latin and its influence in Paris on the site of famous landmarks.

Two of those landmarks include the Basilica of Saint Denis and Luxembourg Gardens. “I really enjoyed the history of the church and the serenity of the space. As for the gardens, I enjoyed its peacefulness and beauty.”