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A Medical Clinic Grows in Gambia (St. John's College)

St. John's College

May 24, 2018


For nearly a decade, a clinic in the tiny west Gambia village of Kunkujang has provided much-needed medical care to thousands of people.

Medical facilities in rural parts of this West Africa nation are scarce. Some residents walk hours to receive treatment.

The Sheikh Tihami Ibrahim Nyass Clinic, however, serves as a valuable resource for people in the surrounding area.

This spring, the clinic is being expanded thanks to recent St. John’s College graduate Mason Troupe (A18).

Troupe, from Tampa, Florida, received a $10,000 grant from Projects for Peace to fund a project at the clinic, “Peace through Wellbeing: Expanding Sources of Medical Care and Disseminating Knowledge in Gambia.”

The funds will pay for the construction of additional facilities at the clinic, including a lab testing room, surgery room and veranda. Troupe also used the funds to purchase a laptop computer and camcorder to document the project and allow the clinic—and founder Fatou Gaye—to communicate with the public long after he leaves.

For Troupe, who left for Gambia on May 17, it’s important for the project to have a lasting effect. A website he is creating will allow the clinic to raise funds and share pictures, videos, and updates on its work.

“They can continue to build off what I’ve left,” he says.