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Capitol senior Ryan Brown prepares for career in research

Capitol Technology University

August 15, 2017


What sets Capitol Technology University from other higher education choices in the region? Ask Ryan Brown and he’ll mention two attributes in particular: the focus on engineering and technology fields, and the close-knit, friendly environment.

Brown, a rising senior with a double major in computer science and electronics engineering technology, says he “fell in love with Capitol” during a high school trip to the university.“The academic dean made a point of coming to visit my school,” he recalls. “Everybody at Capitol was so friendly – people went out of their way to answer questions and show me where to go. At the same time, it was really exciting to see the technological side – the students doing code, the projects in progress in the labs. I said to myself, ‘I really like this place!’”

As a student, he soon came to appreciate being able to forge connections with his professors – easy to do at a small school like Capitol, but far more difficult at big institutions that crowd students into auditorium-sized lectures.

“Capitol has small class sizes, so the professors really have the ability to work one on one with students. For example, I’ve taken classes with Professor Andrew Mehri, and he knows my strengths and weaknesses in code. That’s true of the faculty in general – there’s the ability to understand a student’s strengths and help them in areas where they need to build up their skills,” Brown says.