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Washington College receives $1 million gift

My Eastern Shore MD

July 25, 2017


A couple who visited Chestertown regularly for over 30 years has bequeathed over $1 million to Washington College as an endowment for the study of the classical world.

The couple, who chose to remain anonymous for their gift, were not college alumni, although they were members of the 1782 Society, the college’s leadership giving society, and often attended events on campus.

“They enjoyed Chestertown and the influence the College had on the quality of life here,” said a local resident also choosing anonymity, in a press release, who was friends with the pair for some 50 years. “They particularly enjoyed the Washington College Concert Series every year.”

The donors intend for the bequest to encourage development of new academic opportunities and to sustain the work of faculty members already involved in areas of study related to the classical world.

The funds could support the hiring of instructors; library materials; new and existing courses in the literature, history, art, philosophy or religion (including the study of mythology) of the classical world; faculty research; and honoraria and expenses for visiting lecturers.

“The study of the Classical world has always been a key component of a liberal arts education,” said Patrice DiQuinzio, provost and dean of the college, in a press release, “and we are thrilled to have this fund to support the work of Washington College faculty who teach courses related to that era.”