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Hopkins gets $10 million federal grant to continue efforts to control, end malaria

The Baltimore Sun

April 24, 2017


Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute will continue its efforts to control and eliminate malaria in Africa with a seven-year, $10 million federal grant.

 The funding from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases follows a previous seven-year grants that was used by researchers from Hopkins in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Africa. The new funds will allow expansion in central Africa.

The effort helped to reduce the cases of the disease and the death rate, though malaria remains a significant killer globally. The World Health Organization reports that there were 212 million people who suffered from malaria in 2015 and 429,000 who died. In Africa, most were children under age five.

"The level of detail and understanding that can be garnered over 14 years is remarkable," said Dr. William Moss, a professor of epidemiology at the Hopkins' Bloomberg School of Public Health and principal investigator in the malaria research institute for southern and central Africa. "Malaria is really complicated and it takes this kind of intensive, multidisciplinary work to understand it."