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Bringing Local University research to the World

MD Biz News

December 6, 2016


George Davis is a CEO, investor, and big believer in a bright future for Baltimore’s startups. Davis is passionate about bringing academic research to fruition in healthcare. He’s doing just that through his companies: Gemstone Biotherapeutics, a biotechnology company focused on effective healing solutions in advanced wound care, and Gamma 3, an early stage venture catalyst firm. Davis recently talked with Commerce about his businesses and his thoughts on innovation in Maryland.


“There’s no reason we can’t think big,” Davis said about building an ecosystem of incubators and startups in Maryland. Gamma 3, which has only invested in Baltimore startups, focuses on creating companies based on a high-level research coming out of the area’s powerhouses, like Johns Hopkins University.

Gamma 3 is hoping to stimulate local early stage funding, which will lead to the building of a network of startup venues and a collaborative local network of entrepreneurs and scientists. This local network will help create more businesses down the road, and to show academia the value of the private sector. The ultimate goal, Davis said, is to find ways to move techniques developed by academics into the hospital setting.

“Too often, papers get published in academia—they don’t move on—things don’t get done,” Davis said. As a cancer survivor and former patient of Johns Hopkins Hospital, Davis understands the importance of this on a personal level. “As a patient, I have very little patience,” he said.