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NDMU Students Spend Summer Conducting Research in South Korea

Notre Dame of Maryland University (NDMU) junior biology majors Keira Mull and Uloaku Onwumelu say NDMU prepared them for their journey to South Korea, where they spent 10 weeks in June at Yeungnam University conducting biological research with graduate students on environmental DNA and its effects on freshwater fish.

The students learned valuable lessons through collaborative lab courses and in-class presentations. Onwumelu described the importance of working with others who have different professional and personal experiences. Mull claims the presentations and interactions with researchers taught her effective communication skills. /p>

It doesn’t matter if you are at NDMU or in a South Korean science lab, experiments don’t always go the way you expect. After several tests with bad results, a professor worked with Mull and Onwumelu to discover the water being used was contaminated. Onwumelu immediately said it reminded her of an experiment from her first year at NDMU when a culture test continuously failed because of a mold contamination. /p> “As their professor, my goal was to not only provide them with a graduate school level research opportunity, but a cross-cultural experience,” says

Dr. Hang Kyo Lim, NDMU assistant biology professor. “They [learned] advanced skills, including kinetics, lab skills, and research skills, from grad students they [worked] with on a daily basis.

“This trip has made me a more well-rounded person than I was before, and I am so grateful that I had this opportunity,” says Onwumelu. “I know my faults a little better, and I am more organized and better prepared to face my junior year [at NDMU].