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Goucher College Launches the "Goucher Advantage"

MICUA Matters Spring 2018

Goucher College recently launched the “Goucher Advantage,” a new program from the College’s Career Education Office (CEO) that makes career education a central element of each student’s experience through the curriculum, mentoring, and professional experience. Beginning the first semester and continuing throughout the four years, this model provides students with the tools to embark confidently on their career path.

Offering hands-on experience and learning opportunities for every student, the Goucher Advantage lets students develop their own career pathway by participating in core and customized elements. The program encourages students to think intentionally about their future and emphasizes self exploration, internships, career communities, and mentorship to help them become career-ready at graduation. Throughout the process, career education is also integrated directly into the overall curriculum and includes creating a resume, writing a cover letter, planning job search strategies, and developing an ePortfolio to collect and synthesize information identified throughout the program.

The new model will centralize the CEO with the Office of International Studies and the Office of Community Based Learning to better allow students greater access to explore what options are available and how best to pursue their interests in an integrative way. The goal of the Goucher Advantage is to provide students with the framework to develop their career plans, a community to support them along their journey, and the skills needed to embark on careers filled with meaning and purpose.