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Notre Dame of Maryland University Student Studies Abroad in Peru

MICUA Matters Spring 2018

Notre Dame of Maryland University provides opportunities that can change lives, influencing career paths in unexpected ways. For Victoria Cox, a criminology major with a double minor in Spanish and forensic psychology, that opportunity was part of a study abroad program.

Cox recently returned from a six-week study abroad trip to Peru where she spent her time teaching English to children while increasing her fluency in Spanish. "[The people in] Canto Grande, were so welcoming. It was extremely heartwarming how much not only the Sisters that we lived with, but the members of the church were willing to give in order to ensure our comfort during our stay,” said Cox.

In addition to teaching English, as part of the service abroad trip she participated in community service six days a week, helping children with homework and English. Though teaching English may not seem related to criminology, Cox is looking to adapt those lessons and apply them to what she hopes is a future career with the government.

“All in all, this was the most amazing experience of my life,” said Cox.