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Student Voice: MICA Student Reinforces Passion During Internship with Local Studio

MICUA Matters Spring 2018

After professors, visiting artists, and the Maryland Institute College of Art's (MICA) Career Development Office recommended an internship with Studio Unknown, Madina Nakashima, a senior film and video major, applied to the post-production sound studio in Catonsville, Maryland.

Studio Unknown is a post-production sound company that provides services for all post-production sound needs and works on projects ranging from stop motion films to bigbudget films to video game sound design. Nakashima was supervised by Matt Davies, partner at the studio who specializes in sound effects editing and foley art, which is a post-production sound technique to create realistic, everyday sounds such as the swishing of clothing.

— This is Madina’s story —

During my time at Studio Unknown I sat in on editing sessions, foley sessions, did work around the office, and did client prospecting. During sessions, I would shadow either Matt; Rich, who is a sound editor and foley recordist; or Kevin, who does dialogue and re-recording mixing. Since all three artists work on different aspects of the projects, this gave me a lot of different perspectives and allowed to me to see how collaborative yet independent everyone’s job is. In these sessions, everyone was super helpful and would take the time to explain what they were working on. They also often times asked for my opinion with creative choices on projects and would let me take a turn at the editing table with supervision. On top of editing, I also journeyed outside of the studio and joined Matt and Rich on a sound recording trip at a nature reserve to record environments.

There are so many different jobs in the film industry and I think that Studio Unknown really opened my eyes to the world of post-production sound. Not only did I learn about the technical aspects of the job, but I also learned about working alongside other people and learned to network and form relationships with clients. Overall, my internship with Studio Unknown has taught me so much about the industry and has made me want to be a part of it. I knew beforehand that I was really interested in sound and in film, but after this experience and after seeing all the love and handwork put into the job, I am certain that I want to continue my growth in this field.