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MICUA Matters Newsletter

MICA’s Mission & Vision Look to the Future of Art & Design Education

Fall 2017

In September, Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) announced its new mission and vision statements, as well as a new set of institutional tenets, that embody the College’s forward-thinking art and design education where its students and alumni are positioned to impact the global economy and culture. The mission statement also affirms MICA’s pledge to thrive with the city of Baltimore.

“As we move forward into the 21st century, artists and designers are becoming an even more fundamental—and powerful—force in society. At MICA, our responsibility is to educate students to succeed and contribute with this expanding platform for artists, designers and art educators in their local communities and beyond,” said MICA President Samuel Hoi.

From November 2016 through May 2017, these statements were generated through an exceptionally inclusive effort. The entire MICA community—alumni, faculty, parents, staff, students, and trustees—was engaged in a process that involved meetings, small group discussions, open surveys, and individual conversations. The steering committee was co-led by the president and chair of the Faculty Executive Committee. Input was sought from external stakeholders in various fields. This full engagement has ensured that the outcomes are thoughtful and, importantly, an authentic reflection of MICA today and what the campus community aspires to be going forward.

“To fulfill our responsibility to educate students to thrive in a constantly evolving landscape, we have a mandate that inspires us, as well as core beliefs and values that guide us to be our best,” said Hoi.

MICA’s new mission and vision statements are below:

MISSION: EMPOWER students to forge creative, purposeful lives and careers in a diverse and changing world. THRIVE with Baltimore. MAKE the world we imagine.

VISION: A just, sustainable, and joyful world activated and enriched by artists, designers, and educators who are valued for their leadership and imagination.