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MICUA Matters Newsletter

Mount St. Mary's University Provides Personalized Career Prep Programs

Fall 2017

The Career Center at Mount St. Mary’s University provides students with the guidance, skills, and tools to define and seek their career or graduate school path after graduation.

The Center works with all freshmen students to create a resume which they present to their advisors during advising meetings in October of their first semester. This creates an environment where students focus not only on academic achievements, but projects and activities outside of the classroom that help build their portfolio. Students also receive assistance to identify their academic major.

The Career Center also offers the Career Pathways program, which connects students with employers in a variety of industries who are alumni or friends of the Mount. Activities include networking events, panels, mentoring opportunities, career fairs, on-campus recruitment, internships, and jobs. Pathways in finance, accounting, government, STEM, sales, education, marketing, and writing are available for students. Within one year of graduation, 98 percent of the Class of 2016 reported that they were either employed or in graduate school. That number is based on a 90 percent knowledge rate.

The Mount’s small size gives the Career Center the ability to provide a personalized, one-on-one experience for students. From teaching the proper way to dress professionally and shake hands, to creating an outstanding resume, the Career Center is focused on beginning early career planning with students, while guiding them through the Pathways program.