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MICUA Matters Newsletter

St. John's College: Preparing Students for the Future

Fall 2017

Years after Kieran Dowdy graduated from St. John’s College in 2009, he reached out to the College’s Office of Career Services for assistance with resume building. The aid offered by the office helped him land two jobs and transition from student to his current work in law.

In September, Dowdy and alumna Thea Chimento, who works for the Maryland Department of General Services, returned to host a resume-writing workshop for current Johnnies. “Your resume is important, but your reputation and ability to network is much more important,” said Chimento, noting how networking has helped her land jobs. “It was good advice for people... who don’t have a lot of work experience,” said senior Mason Troup, who attended the workshop and now plans to use the "highly specific tips" to adjust his resume.

While events like the resume-writing workshop assist students and graduates with networking and preparation for the future, they are just part of the office’s larger strategic effort, said Annapolis Career Services Director Jaime Dunn. “I see what we do as a service for students all four years they’re here, as well as when they’re alumni,” Dunn said. “I want students and alumni to know we’re here for them.”

The Annapolis Career Services office compiles internship and fellowship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, and shares job openings and scholarship opportunities. The office also provides graduate school application assistance, pre-med and pre-law counseling, and help with resumes and cover letters, among other services.

Each semester, the office plans a trip followed by networking events for students to meet alumni in prominent positions. Trips in recent years have included stops at the Supreme Court, Smithsonian National Museum of American History, Washington Free Beacon, and the office of a U.S. senator.

Career Services also has new initiatives planned, including one that will partner undergraduates with Graduate Institute (GI) students, who will serve as mentors. In addition, SJC Connect, the official networking platform for St. John’s alumni, will soon open to juniors and seniors to provide students access to the College’s alumni network for career guidance.