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MICUA Matters Newsletter

Student Voice: Goucher Student Inspired by IHED

Spring 2017

Kayla York, a junior political science major with a minor in legal studies and psychology at Goucher College, attended Independent Higher Education Day (IHED) to better grasp how the government affects her private education. York is on the College's Field Hockey team, manages the Men’s Basketball team, and is the secretary of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee. After graduation in Spring 2019, she hopes to attend law school or begin a master’s program in political science and/or survey methodology.

— This is Kayla's story —

As a political science major, standing in the heart of the Maryland General Assembly was a complete honor. Not only was IHED a fabulous experience, it allowed me to put more thought into what I want to do with my career.

The stories students shared made me realize the large impact Sellinger Grants have on not just myself, but other students and their experiences at other higher institutions throughout the state. Sellinger Grants provide students with the ability to attend college, but they also help institutions to provide their students with an excellent learning experience.

My group and I met with three different state representatives. My personal favorite, which may be biased because he is the representative of my district, was Senator J.B. Jennings. Meeting someone who represents me was an incredible experience. Senator Jennings was very welcoming and open to discussing the vote to keep Sellinger Grants. I had the pleasure to speak with Senator Jennings and learned more about him as a person. It was eye-opening to be able to relate to someone in charge of the outcome of the state.

When the day finally came to an end, I soon realized that I wanted to be a part of this environment. I wanted to be included in decisions that directly affect people of all kinds. Independent Higher Education Day taught me that when large groups of people come together, anything can be accomplished.