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MICUA Matters Newsletter

The Mount Launches Cutting Edge New Programs

Winter 2017

Mount St. Mary’s University launched two new undergraduate majors — one in cyber security and another in philosophy, politics, and economics (PPE) — as well as a new graduate certificate in forensic accounting. The newly created programs synthesize cutting-edge fields and the Mount’s liberal arts traditions to teach students to be critical thinkers.

The degree in cyber security will produce graduates who are prepared for challenging technological careers that contribute to cyber defense and promote the responsible use of Internet technology. The program is unique in the field because of its emphasis on ethics and communication skills and its integration with the Mount’s renowned liberal arts curriculum.

The PPE major will combine classic liberal arts training and an interdisciplinary approach to public policy and the political economy with contemporary skills such as statistics, financial theories, and political systems. The curriculum examines political and economic issues and theories such as immigration, economic sanctions, and international trade agreements, and challenges students to connect these theories to their philosophical foundations. Students will be prepared for a range of leadership positions in government and financial management, among other fields.

"The PPE program is a great way for the University to build on its strong foundation in ethics and moral reasoning, but do so in an updated way that really attracts and prepares today’s students,” said Dr. Amanda Beal, program director.

The Mount previously launched an undergraduate major in forensic accounting, and now will also offer a graduate-level certificate. This program provides training to professionals in the field, where they may investigate fraudulent financial reporting; misappropriation of assets; tax reporting fraud; and indirect methods of reconstructuring income, money laundering, and cybercrime frauds. The eight-week certificate program counts toward an MBA degree, should students wish to pursue it.