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Capitol Tech. Celebrates Fifteen Years of Cybersecurity Program

Winter 2017

On November 14, Capitol Technology University celebrated 15 years of its groundbreaking cybersecurity program during a special event where Professors David Ward and Charles Cayot extolled the programs’ unique attributes.

“Our faculty is multifaceted,” said Ward. “We have folks from the military, government, and private sector – from all the major corporations that are involved in cybersecurity, we have had a member of our faculty, past or present, who has worked with them,” said Ward.

Capitol’s cybersecurity program was launched in 2001 with a master’s degree in network security, then a subject generally available at other institutions only as an elective. Today, undergraduates can earn a Bachelor's or Master's of Science degree in Cyber and Information Security. Capitol also operates a Cyber Lab, where students can test cybersecurity skills in real-time scenarios. Students also have the opportunity to participate in interdisciplinary projects that combine expertise from several technology fields.

The innovative program helped pioneer a new kind of educational experience: the virtual classroom.

“Capitol was one of the first schools in the country to provide live, synchronous online education. We even had to write code for the platform. When we started, we didn’t have Adobe Connect. We didn’t have Centra. It was Capitol, and we built that program,” Cayot explained.