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MICUA Matters Newsletter

MICUA Fall 2016 Presidents’ Workshop

Winter 2017

The Presidents of MICUA’s 13 member institutions met on Thursday, November 3 and Friday, November 4 for the two-day 2016 MICUA Fall Presidents’ Workshop at the Maryland Inn in Annapolis. The workshop provided an opportunity for the leaders to learn from each other and engage with guests.

“The purpose of the Presidents’ Workshop is to discuss topics of interest to the Presidents of Maryland’s 13 State-aided independent colleges and universities and to discuss State and national policy issues impacting higher education,” said Tina Bjarekull, the President of MICUA.

Dr. Herbert C. Smith, Professor of Political Science and Director of Government Relations at McDaniel College, kicked off the Workshop with a presentation on the history of politics in Maryland. Other guests included Dr. Richard (Tom) Ingram, president emeritus of the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges, who engaged with Presidents in a discussion on board relations; Dr. David Warren, President of NAICU, and Sarah Flanagan, Vice President of NAICU, who discussed federal policy issues impacting higher education; and Mr. Josh Kurtz, a Maryland political reporter, who discussed Maryland politics and the upcoming session of the Maryland General Assembly.

The Presidents were honored to be joined by Governor Larry Hogan and Maryland’s Secretary of Higher Education, Dr. James Fielder, on Friday morning. Governor Hogan discussed the role Maryland’s independent colleges and universities serve in expanding college access and improving student success.

“I am appreciative of the opportunity to work closely with the Presidents of other MICUA member institutions, as it helps us all do a better job of educating our students,” said Weymouth Spence, President of Washington Adventist University.