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MICUA MEMBER INSTITUTIONS TAKE ACTIVE measures to create a welcoming environment for students in all areas of student life. Student organizations, activities, lectures, and campus events are an important part of these efforts to make students from all backgrounds feel welcome while exposing students to perspectives different from their own.

Hood College’s Director of Diversity and Inclusion leads “Harmony at Hood” during fall orientation to teach students about the norms of the campus community, including language usage and anti-bullying. Administrators work with student organizations to sponsor heritage/history months with films, cultural programs, fashion and talent shows, trips, and musical performances. Foods and activities from multiple cultures are showcased each winter during Holidays Around the World, while The Diversity Block Party offers the same during the spring and summer. The year ends with a Diversity Leadership Recognition Ceremony for student leaders from underrepresented groups, including a donning of the Kente/ Serape and Lavender graduation ceremony.

McDaniel College supports campus-wide cultural events involving many departments, organizations, offices, and student groups. In the past year, McDaniel hosted: A Discussion on Islam: Fact or Fiction; Black-Jew Dialogues; The Journey Home: A Speaker Series on Immigration; Overcoming the Pernicious Power of Privilege; Discussing Whiteness in an Era of Fragility and Defensiveness; The Journey Home: A Refugee Story; King’s Dream; Holocaust Survivor Emanuel Mandel; Mark Tayac and Piscataway Nation Singers and Dancers; Acceptance and Bully Prevention; and a National Coming Out Day Panel. Workshops were also held on inclusive language, multicultural competence, and the Safe Zone Program, a network of safe and supportive allies to McDaniel’s LGBTQ community.

Mount St. Mary’s University’s student organizations reflect the diversity of the campus, including the Black Student Union; Asian Culture Club; Caribbean Culture Club; Pan Africa, Allies, Peers and Education Advocates for Campus Equality (PEACE) Leaders; Student Organization of Latinos; and the VOICE. The University and student organizations offer numerous cultural activities throughout the year. During Hispanic Heritage Month, for example, programs included a Hispanic Heritage Month Festival, Hispanic Heritage Month Panel Discussion and DACA Informational, Celebration of Cuba, “Tres Vidas” Stage Play, and Viva la Noche Club Night. PEACE coordinates monthly Courageous Conversations, an intergroup dialogue series, to discuss and explore relevant issues ranging from World AIDS Day to Racial Justice.

St. John’s College promotes campus organizations and activities which represent diverse populations and expose students to various backgrounds. St. John’s supports studentled groups such as Pangaea, an international student club; the Pink Triangle Society, a LGBTQIT alliance; and the Chinese Teahouse, which meets to read Eastern authors. Students who are interested in community service can participate in Project Polity, in which they tutor at local elementary schools and the Stanton Community Center. In the past year, the College hosted “Harlem Nights,” an event showcasing arts from the African-American community; Theater South’s “I Have a Dream” performance on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day; and the Fannie Lou Hamer Awards, honoring women in Annapolis who advance civil and human rights.