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Business Affiliates

Asset Strategy Consultants
EnerNOC, Inc.
Winthrop Resources

The MICUA Business Affiliate Program provides a mutually beneficial link between Maryland’s business community and the State’s private colleges and universities. Business affiliates are companies or individuals whose work with MICUA colleges and universities has earned MICUA’s endorsement. MICUA colleges and universities are encouraged to contact these business partners when in need of the products and services they provide. For complete information about becoming a MICUA business affiliate, contact Matthew Power at mpower@micua.org or call 410-269-0306.

Asset Strategy Consultants has been providing independent investment consulting services to endowments, foundations, retirement plans (403(b) 401(k) 401(a) 457), and operating reserves for 27 years. With a long history of supporting educational clients, ASC has been deemed a “preferred vendor” with TIAA and actively works in conjunction to convert and grow 403(b) Plans, educate participants, and ensure DOL compliance. ASC’s thoughtful approach to investing helps manage risk and responsibility for educational institutions while achieving their individual investment needs and goals. Headquartered in Baltimore, ASC has over $9.5 billion under advisement throughout their six offices.

Contact: India G. Suter
Phone: 410-528-8282
Email: suter@assetstrategyconsultants.com
Website: https://www.assetstrategyconsultants.com/about

Comcast has redefined traditional university TV services with XFINITY on Campus™, the premier IPTV service that provides students living on campus with the content they want, when they want it. XFINITY on Campus streams live TV and XFINITY On Demand™ content to students’ laptops, tablets and smartphones while on campus. This high-quality video service solution is delivered over Comcast’s network, making it easy to implement and administer, with less equipment to manage.

Contact: Kelley Carl 
Email: Keeley_Carl@comcast.com
Website: www.xfinity.com/multifamily/xoc

EnerNOC is a leading provider of software-enabled energy procurement and advisory services. Through our online procurement platform, we help you navigate complex, competitive energy supply markets to buy energy at the best available prices and secure contracts that match your risk tolerance. EnerNOC's advisory services go a step further, working with you to design a holistic procurement and supply management strategy and actively track and evaluate the performance of that strategy over time.

Contact: Paul Falcigno
Phone: 267-258-1867
Email: Paul.Falcigno@enernoc.com
Website: https://www.enernoc.com/

Despite massive changes brought about by healthcare reform, the basics remain: students need to stay healthy. UnitedHealthcare Student Resources and First Risk Advisors (FRA) offer MICUA member schools affordable student insurance plans that are fully compliant with the Affordable Care Act and help protect students’ health as they pursue their educational goals. FRA has been helping schools protect their students for over 25 years.

Contact: David Opperman
Phone: 267-880-2300
Email: dopper@firstriskadvisors.com
Website: www.firststudent.com

Sodexo enhances the student experience on campus. By focusing on services that improve quality of life, we impact our partners’ ability to attract, engage and retain students. From dining programs that meet the preferences and lifestyles of today’s student to purpose-built environments designed to promote the mission of the institution, our commitment to improving quality of life spans the entire campus experience.

Contact: Frank C. Hollister, IV
Phone: 804-464-1203
Email: frank.hollister@sodexo.com
Website: http://sodexoinsights.com/quality-of-life-services/universities/

Winthrop Resources Corporation is the nation’s premier technology finance company. We have the experience, expertise and resources necessary to meet each of our clients’ unique technology needs and align them with business objectives. Winthrop can help you lease and acquire updated technology, equipment, and other captial in a safe and efficient manner. 

Contact: Kyle Fredette
Phone: 804-464-1203
Email: kfredette@winthropresources.com
Website: www.winthropresources.com

Click here for the Business Affiliate Program Application. Applications should be sent to Matthew Power, Vice President of Government Affairs, mpower@micua.org.