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Saving Taxpayers Money

Maryland independent colleges and universities are efficient and effective stewards of taxpayer dollars. If Sellinger aid were not available, many Maryland students would attend in-State public universities, a more expensive taxpayer option, or leave the State altogether, taking their tuition dollars and talents with them. Based on the most recent data available, State taxpayers pay $38,000 for each degree conferred at a public university compared to $4,400 for each degree conferred at an independent college or university.


Taxpayer Cost per Degree chart








Note: The “cost per degree” reflects the average State appropriation per student served, including appropriations for operating expenses and student financial aid. Capital expenses are not reflected in these costs.

Sources:  Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) Degree Information System, MHEC S-5 Report, and MHEC FY2019 Operating Budget Recommendations.